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Ebay in Indonesia

Rabu, 30-01-2008 14:36:26 oleh: Mira Tj
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Yesterday an e-mail drifted to mailbox from Paypal.
Judulnya:"Launching Local Bank Withdraw.
His contents explained that the owner of the Paypal account could have from Indonesia pulled money from his Paypal account and direct free was transferred to the account bank in Indonesia.
Uptil now Paypal only provided fitur pulled money but was transferred to credit card for the owner of the account from Indonesia.
But by Paypal this dikenai fee IDR 50 thousand.
Now if being attracted by us money from the ATM used credit card, be hit by again fee IDR 50 thousand.
So this of HORE!!!
Today I wonder, why Paypal now gave fitur this to the owner of the account from Indonesia, the country that notabene in the year 90 was the country in an online manner-fraud highest in the world.
Then was tried by me gooling qword: ebay Indonesia.
There it Is:
This site was different from the site that approximately last year still could be accessed.
A moment ago was tried by me visited, evidently already for smoked his site.
His front face language still in English, but if you clicked one of the merchandise things there, his contents must be in Indonesian.
Afterwards was wrong to see the HELP part, still me-refer to help Page
Fee that was put into effect also still in US$ (had a headache... had a headache... had a headache).
That was clear, was happy also Indonesia had finally been acknowledged by WWW.

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