Kamis, 12 Juni 2008

Top Ten Credit Cards in UK

Here are top ten credit cards in UK taht very familiar and used by many UK people:
1. EGG CARD (www.new.egg.com)
2. Virgin Credit Card (www.uk.virginmoney.com/)
3.Vanquis Card (www.vanquis.co.uk)
4. Barclaycard Platinum (www.barclaycard.co.uk)
5. MBNA Reward American Express (http://www.find.co.uk/creditcards/standard_credit_cards/mbna_platinum_plus)
6. MBNA Platinum Plus Credit Card
7. Arsenal FC Card (http://www.find.co.uk/creditcards/affinity_credit_cards/arsenal_fc_credit_card)
8. Nectar Credit Card (www.americanexpress.com)
9. RBS Credit Card (www.rbs.com)
10. HSBC Credit Card (www.hsbc.co.uk)

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